Nissan Lifetime Warranty

Sometimes while shopping for a car, you’ll see something that really catches your eye – such as a Lifetime Warranty. It sounds pretty good, right? Let’s dig in a little bit and see.

Nissan Lifetime Warranty in Boerne, TX

Warranties are good, so lifetime warranties must be better. Well, not always. The biggest difference is a simple one: The warranty that a new Nissan comes with is backed by Nissan North America, and it is good at any Nissan Dealership in the United States. You never have to search for a place that accepts your warranty, or do the math to see if towing your vehicle to an authorized location will cost less than the repair.

Nissan Lifetime Warranty in San Antonio, TX

Limitations and Exclusions – some dealer warranties are quite reasonable when it comes to limitations and exclusions. Some…. aren’t. Nothing is more frustrating than driving your vehicle across town (or to the next town!) for a repair that you thought would be covered, only to find yourself looking at an expensive repair bill. It’s hard to know which repairs will be covered, and which ones you’ll have to pay for anyway. Plus, there are often deductibles when it comes to a Nissan lifetime warranty.

A Nissan Powertrain Lifetime Warranty might not be as good as it sounds

Fine print. Deductibles, Limitations. Exclusions. Inconvenient authorized repair locations. Confusion, confusion, confusion. At least it’s free, right?



It’s free, in the sense that there won’t be a line on your contract that says “Lifetime Nissan Warranty: $3,000“. However, even though *most* customers trade in their car before the lifetime warranty would take effect, many won’t ever use the lifetime warranty, and some of the repairs may not be covered, and the deductible exists, a small percentage of folks will take advantage of the warranty. They’ll keep their Nissan for a long time, and eventually start piling up large repair costs. That’s a great deal for these folks – as long as they can work with the downsides of the warranty, of course.

But who’s *paying* for these repairs?

You are.

There might not see the line on the contract, but the cost is baked into the price of every vehicle. It has to be – nothing is truly free.

Let’s talk about parts

Nissan makes great vehicles, but sometimes they need repairs. Under the Nissan factory warranty, we complete repairs with Nissan approved parts. Period. You don’t have to wonder about the quality of the replacement parts. Depending on the terms of a Nissan Lifetime Warranty, you might end up with non-Nissan approved parts in your Nissan.

What happens if I sell my Nissan?

While you might think that selling a Nissan with a lifetime warranty would help you get more for it – sorry. In most cases, the “lifetime” warranty ends as soon as you sell it. Most folks trade or sell their cars after about 3 years, which means the lifetime warranty runs about as long as the included manufacturer’s warranty. Every new Nissan purchased from Ancira Nissan comes with an awesome 5 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, fully backed by Nissan North America, which can be used at any Nissan dealership across the country.