USAA Car Buying Program in San Antonio

Ancira Nissan has long been a member of the USAA Car Buying Program – proudly delivering USAA members a seamless car buying experience. After all, USAA Headquarters is right across the highway from Ancira Nissan – it was always a great fit.

As you may (or may not) know, the USAA Car Buying Program ended on September 30th, 2020. Any dealer advertising a USAA Discount or USAA Car Buying Program after this date is not part of the official program, since there isn’t one.

Times Change

When the USAA Car Buying Program was introduced years ago, it served a very specific purpose – make the process simple for USAA members, with transparent, hassle-free pricing. Ten years ago, that was revolutionary. However, Ancira Nissan has been providing that same seamless process for all of our customers for years now. Transparent pricing is the only way to do business in 2022 and beyond. All of our customers – USAA members included – deserve that.

On our website, you’ll find hundreds of vehicles for sale. Each one will be listed with a competitive sale price, and if you choose, you can get your payments with just a click of a button. Need a value on your trade? No problem. Want to get pre-approved? You’ve got it. How about home delivery? Yep – we do that, too.

The USAA Car Buying Program was born in a different time. Today, at Ancira Nissan, you can get all the benefits you’re used to. Take a look at our inventory of new vehicles and used cars, trucks, and SUV’s.