Why the 2020 Nissan Titan XD is the best truck in San Antonio

March 26th, 2020 by

Why the 2020 Nissan Titan XD is the best truck in San Antonio

Ancira Nissan – Why the 2020 Nissan Titan XD is the best truck in San Antonio

The 2020 Nissan Titan XD in San Antonio made big waves when it first arrived. One particularly impressive feature of the truck is Nissan’s Safety Shield 360, and we’d like to focus in on that system for just a minute to show you what a powerful and powerfully controlled truck the Titan really is.

Safety Shield 360 is a semi-automated driver-assist system that’s like having a co-pilot with you while you’re driving. It stabilizes the Titan to keep it steady on the road even in adverse weather conditions or around tight curves. As Nissan points out on its official website, the Titan comes equipped with more standard safety features than any other vehicle in its class.

Safety Shield 360 is a part of Nissan’s drive for “Intelligent Mobility.” It makes your Titan smarter and more capable. The first feature we’re thrilled to see is Automatic Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection. Your vehicle doesn’t just brake for something in front of it anymore. It can apply hard braking to avoid pedestrians behind the truck as well.

Blind Spot Warning employs sensors all around the truck to keep you aware of any activity in your blind spots. High Beam Assist automatically controls the light levels of your headlamps so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between high and low beams, something that in the past has caused loss of focus while driving and probably many accidents as well. Now your Titan XD is ready to handle light levels for you automatically.

Rear Automatic Braking is a rarely seen feature in this class, but your Safety Shield comes with this feature included. Let’s say you’re backing up and about to hit something. You don’t know it, but your Titan XD does. Your vehicle will hard brake for you to prevent you from backing into that object in San Antonio Texas.

Safety Shield 360 is just one of the many reasons that the 2020 Nissan Titan XD is one of the top vehicles in its class. Throw in best-in-class features on capability, too, and you’ve got a truck that you simply shouldn’t turn down in 2020.

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